Infinite Campus online registration required for use of resources Online form must be completed to use computers, wifi and electronic devices on campus

Reagan Jarrell ('19) works on a new project in Mr. Ball's Business Software Applications class.

In order for students to use the computers, wi-fi and electronic devices at school, parents are required to fill out their child’s Infinite Campus online registration form as soon as possible.

“With this secure system, families don’t have several forms to fill out for each student in the school district since all members of the family are linked together,” Assistant Principal Trish Taylor  said.

The transition from paper to online forms was put in place in hopes of making the student registration process easier and more efficient for both parents and the administration.

“While the transition has been a bit of a challenge as most change is, it’s fabulous to have all student information available digitally. It saves an incredible amount of paper, eliminates the need for storage of documents and makes student information easily accessible while in a secure system,” Taylor said.

Those who have not yet filled out the forms are no longer allowed to use any electronic devices while in school. The student’s Google Drive accounts have been deactivated until their parents have fully completed the forms.

“I didn’t turn in my registration, so they deactivated my Google account which made it hard for me to do my homework,” senior Destiny Wilson said. “I’m definitely going to try to get that issue solved as soon as I can.”

To complete the registration process, parents must sign into their Infinite Campus accounts and fill out the form for their child. Parents who do not have an Infinite Campus account can submit a Google request form for an activation code.

“Because it’s a legal document, the parents are the ones who have to fill out the forms since students aren’t old enough to sign,” Educational Computer Strategist (ECS) Stacy LeFevre said. “Parents who don’t receive their activation codes can go to their spam in their mailbox and they may find it there.”

Students who have completed their registration, but have not had their accounts re-activated can visit LeFevre in room E136 with a print-out version of the registration form to re-access their accounts.

“The system does not automatically reset once the form is filled out because when the parents fill out the registration form, it has to be approved by the registrar. Once it’s approved, we get the name of the student along with their new completed form and then they’re all set for the year,” LeFevre said.