Interactive mannequins allow students to explore UNLV medical field Respiratory juniors toured college campus

On December 8, juniors in the Respiratory Therapy program took a field trip to the University of Las Vegas campus on Shadow Lane where medicals classes are held. 

“The people at UNLV were nice and I felt like I gained a better understanding of what medical school is like,” junior Wenwei Huang said.

 A director at UNLV met with the students to discuss the requirements needed to attend the school. Afterwards they were given a tour of the University Medical Center hospital.

“The hospital was big and filled with many different different types of patients, from children with colds to inmates from prison,” junior Kassandra Kedrowski said.

During the tour they were able to see electronic mannequins that reacted like patients. The juniors were able to take the pulse of the mannequins and see how they reacted to different procedures.

“It was a lot of fun working on the mannequins and it was interesting how they secreted liquid like real patients would,” junior Alyssa Breci said.

The campus offered many different medical simulations which UNLV students demonstrated, such as suturing. At the end of the demonstrations, a panel of UNLV students answered questions regarding the concerns the juniors had.

“Being my first field trip since elementary school, it was refreshing to learn more about the medical field like the touring aspects of a hospital,” junior Kiana Tibule said.

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