Interior Design seniors design Nevada Learning Academy’s new building Ms. Rebekah Holloway and Ms. Elena Clavel were chaperones

After observing the Nevada Learning Academy’s campus aesthetics, Interior Design seniors were given the task to design the new online school building. The seniors were invited on the field trip to gain workplace experience. “The meeting with the Principal of NVLA went great and everyone asked lots of insightful questions regarding the style and history of the school,” senior Jenna Dickensheets said. “Overall, it was a great experience for senior design students.” Photo credit: Jenna Dickensheets

To provide capstone students with first-hand experience with a client, Interior Design seniors went to Nevada Learning Academy this past Wednesday during fourth and sixth period. Although this trip was meant specifically for capstone students, those in internship were allowed to attend.

“[I’m glad that] Interior Design finally gets to go on a field trip,” senior Tiffany Tran said. “We’ve been asking for a field trip and a real-life scenario since we stepped on campus.”

Because there is a new NVLA building, Community Partnership Coordinator Rebekah Holloway organized this event with the NVLA President Andrea M. Connolly because there is a new NVLA building that has yet to be designed. Those who create the winning design will be awarded with a scholarship from NVLA.

“The award amount hasn’t been determined yet,” senior Jenna Dickensheets said. “I’m so thankful to the administrators who are responsible for getting us this opportunity.”

While at NVLA, seniors took a tour of the general architecture on campus. Afterwards, they were taken to the new building where they could take notes on the empty space they were given to work with.

“We got a feel for the buildings aesthetics and took measurements and pictures of the space before we start designing,” Dickensheets said.

When seniors returned to school, they began planning out their design and sketching possible ideas.

“We were back in time for second lunch, and then went straight to our Interior Design class where we discussed what we saw during the trip while it’s still fresh in our minds,” Dickensheets said.

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