Floor plans of houses, apartments made by Interior Design II The project will last two weeks

Sophomores Simone Eden, Bianca Horst and Brianna Blazek in Alisa Sirat’s Interior Design II class create a floor plan using a kit. On August 29, Bianca Horst (middle) and her peers put down the base and walls for the lay out they made. “My group and I made sure that we outlined where the walls would go first to make sure everything would fit together properly,” said Horst. Photo Credit: Lindsay Carlos

In Interior Design II, sophomore students are currently creating models of floor plans to demonstrate their skills in designing. Despite Interior Design teacher Alisa Sirat being on-leave, the class is learning about how houses and apartments are built.

“The students are making floor plans so they have practice on designing how a house would look on the inside,” substitute teacher Maria Aisa said.

Interior Design students were given a floor plan kit to compose a layout. They are encouraged to use their imagination and inspiration from other peers in their group to construct a layout of a one story house or apartment.

“Making this floor plan early on in the year is helpful because it would help us become accustomed to what we’re doing later on,” sophomore Kiana E. said. “We used a kit to create the floor plan because it’s our first time; it made sure everything fit together properly.”

If rooms are not scaled or proportioned from feet to inches properly, furniture and objects in the room would either appear massive or miniature.

“To make the floor plan, my group and I started off with drawing an outline of where the walls and doors would go,” Kiana said. “After that, we came up with a color scheme for the furniture, decided what furniture to use, and put everything together at the end.”

Although students are creating floor plans with materials from a kit, it will prepare them for the coming years. By the start of next year, students will have to construct a floor plan completely from scratch.

“I’m glad we got use to kits because it would’ve been a lot more difficult if we were to build a floor plan with other supplies,” Espinoza said. “The materials in the kit were pre-measured which made it easier to work with and design the actual layout of the house we were making.”

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