Spirit day starts new tradition Coyote Gear hats are now allowed every Friday

A new type of spirit day has been introduced to the student body this year—Coyote Gear. Participants may buy items from the Coyote Gear line to leave class an extra two minutes before lunch every Friday and wear approved hats inside the building.

“These Coyote Spirit Fridays will be on every Friday that is not a Student Council dress up day,” Assistant Principal Trish Taylor said.

Principal Donna Levy and her administrative team’s goal is to increase school spirit. While hats are generally not allowed, Levy is permitting students to wear school approved headwear.

“Because we really advertised the concept to the freshmen, they are very aware [of Coyote Gear],” Taylor said. “But our goal is to advertise the spirit day even more in the next couple weeks.”

Currently, only hats and shirts are being sold. Coyote Gear is available for purchase in the student store (located in the cafeteria) or online. If bought online, the students will bring their receipt in, show the student store staff, and receive their merchandise. Hats retail at $25 and shirts retail at $15.

“There are two different graphic styled t-shirts, but they come in crew neck and v-neck,” Taylor said. “Along with three hats, two are distressed hats, black or grey. The other style is a snapback.”

Club merchandise such as a SkillsUSA shirt or StuCo shirts are also considered part of Coyote Gear, but only hats sold in the student store are dress code approved.

“The shirts can be worn any day, but on Fridays you get to leave your class before lunch two minutes early,” Taylor said. “So you can get down to the cafeteria and to the front of the line.”

Plans are being made to increase the variety of apparel offered in the student store, including long sleeve shirts.

“School spirit will be more apparent, and the student generated funds will help both the school and student body,” Taylor said.