iPad program offered to students Devices can now be checked out

Juniors and seniors are now able to check out iPads for the school year. There will be a $30 fee that must be paid to the banker prior to checking out an iPad.

“Even in this day and age, not all students have access to technological devices,” Dean Sherrae Nelson said. “If we can give them access for free or at a very minimal cost, it’s going to help them especially since so much is done online here.”

Due to a limited number of iPads, they will be distributed on a first come first serve basis.

“Technology can be used in different ways in the classroom so it could be a powerpoint or Google Drive,” senior Abigail Orozco said. “Technology is very diverse so it really allows a student to be creative in their own way.”

One goal for the program is to provide students access to technology outside of school to complete assignments.

“Students who do not have technology access will now be able to access it quicker without having to ask friends for help or go to a public place to get their work done,” junior Simon d’Elia said.

Forms for the iPads are available in the front office. The form and fee must be turned in by 2 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 23.

“It’s important to incorporate technology today because in today’s job market, everything uses technology so if you don’t have a base foundation of technological skills then you’re unable to be successful in the job market,” Mr. Pate Thomas said.

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