‘James Bond’ inspiration for homecoming theme Tickets now on sale, available during lunch

Homecoming will be held at Celebrity Cars Las Vegas on Oct. 15 from 7- 10p.m.  The theme is “Homecoming Royale.”

Homecoming is really about tradition, so we are continuing with traditions like spirit days, lunch games, dance and the flag football game,” Student Council adviser Miriya Julian said. “There are a few new things this year, like there will be two flipbook photo booths at the dance and renaming traditional spirit days to fit the theme.

Because the location was booked in advance, StuCo was able to choose a theme that represents both James Bond and Las Vegas culture.

“When we found out that we were having it at Celebrity Cars and that there were going to be cars inside, we really wanted our theme to tie in with cars and the black tie type of theme,” StuCo member Diana Fernandez said.

Porsches, old Chevrolets and classic muscle cars are among those that will be on display at the dance.

“Most of the cars in the showroom will be removed and parked around the entrance to the venue. Some cars will be left inside are on risers or platforms,” Julian said. ” All vehicles will have stanchions around them, but students can pose near them for selfies.”

Students can buy a ticket for $30 next week during lunch or in Room D105. Tickets will also be on sale for $40 at the door.

“The fact that there will be exotic cars surrounding the dance floor makes everything seem ten times more fun,” junior Melissa Yelverton said.

Homecoming Week will start with spirit days and the annual PA vs DA  flag football game on Friday.

“I’m very excited for the spirit days this year!” junior Moira Johnson said. “I think they’re a lot easier to participate in this year compared to last year and they aren’t anything that really requires a lot of planning which I think is good.”

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