Journalism program aims to raise $2,000 from fundraiser "We love you so much that we'll pay..." fundraiser will end on May 27

Southwest Shadow staff writers Alexis Drevetzki and Maria Althea Gevero collect money donations during lunch on April 30. Donations can be made during both lunches until May 27. " I really hope we reach our goals because seeing all the teachers dress up and do silly things would be awesome, along with getting to go on our trip," Gevero said.
Photo Credit: Jen Chiang

In order to raise funds for future trip expenses, the staff of the Southwest Shadow and the Howl have organized a fundraiser with a goal of $2,000 dollars.

“One of my biggest goals is to see all my favorite teachers get pied and dress up funny. As a staff, we want to make it to Orlando in the fall,” Feature writer Migi Contreras said.

The “We love you so much that we’ll pay…” fundraiser features a number of silly activities for teachers and administration to perform or be involved in at the end of year assembly on May 27. For every $250 raised, a teacher or administrative member will be shown love through the following activities:

$250 – Mr. Patrick Waddington and Mr. Joseph Juliano will get pied in the face.

$500 – Mr. Robert Davis, Mrs. Jennifer Brant, Ms. Cathy Sabol, Mr. Pate Thomas will dress up as the Scooby Gang.

$750 – Mrs. Adriana Thompson, Ms. Tawanna Ervin, Ms. Maria Terada will dress up as banana split (Ice cream/Banana/Spoon).

$1000 – Mr. Albert Ocampo dresses up as Baymax and Mr. Joshua Locklear will dress up as Sumo Wrestler.

$1250 – Mr. Michael Moore and Ms. Jennifer Conder will get silly stringed from head to toe.

$1500 – Assistant Principal Mr. Michael Butler will get slimed.

$1750 – Dean Trish Taylor will dress up like a clown.

$2000 – If the Journalism program reaches that amount, Mrs. Laura Penrod has to hold a frog and Mr. Matthew LaPorte will dye his goatee pink.

“I have the biggest fear of frogs so I’m going to be so nervous if they reach $2,000 dollars. I just don’t like frogs—they’re slimy, cold and they jump,” Penrod said.

For every $1 raised from the fundraiser, the thermometer in the lunchroom will rise. Students can make their money donations to the journalism staff during both lunches on the stage.

“My goal is for this trip to be affordable for our staff members because these conferences give us the opportunity to learn new skills and refine our expertise as student journalists,” Managing Editor Nikki Marie Molina said.

In addition, the first journalism car wash will be held on May 9 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the student parking lot. All proceeds will be donated to the program and the $5 ticket can be purchased from any journalism member.

“I hope this car wash fundraiser helps make the Orlando trip more inexpensive so it allows all of the students who want to come, to come. Plus, the car wash seems like a really fun event and it will not only be a time to help raise money, but also a time to bond with my friends,” the Howl Editor-in-Chief Tamarra Navarro said.