Journalism students fundraise for conference

Junior Nadia Manivong sells Matthew Fabian one of various sort of lollipops. Each lollipop was sold for a dollar.
Photo Credit: Southwest Shadow Staff

On Monday Oct. 31, SWCTA Journalism students began selling Ozark Delight suckers for their annual fundraiser.  Each sucker will be sold for a dollar, and will help fund their trip to the NSPA Journalism Conference in April, 2012.

“I’m glad we have this fundraiser every year. It will help pay for our trip to Seattle. And not to mention, they are extremely delicious!” says Bserat Ghebremicael, junior.

The suckers come in a variety of flavors, from Strawberry Cheesecake to Sour Apple.  They are also sugar free, fat free, high in fiber, and contain 100% Vitamin C.

“My favorite flavor has to be the spicy grapefruit.  It really has a different flavor, and that’s why I like it,” states Katelyn Hendricks, junior.

To purchase a sucker, please see Mr. Matthew LaPorte or any Journalism member.