Journalism students named finalists in 2016 Jostens YTO Design Contest Winners will be announced Sept. 7

Allysha Melocotton, Tamara Navarro, Russel Valdez and The Howl staff have been named finalists in the 2016 Jostens YTO Design Contest.

“We chose the spreads because they were the best ones we produced,” Valdez, The Howl Editor-in-Chief, said. “Each spread had a finishing touch to it that made it stand out.

Applicants submitted up to 10 original two-page yearbook spreads in hopes of winning the grand prize: $1,000. First place receives $300, second place $250 and third place $150.

“If we were to win the grand prize, we would be able to afford different equipment and material that could make our yearbook look even better,” junior Justine Ho, The Howl business manager, said. “It also goes towards our school trips that make us more educated about journalism.”Winners will be announced Sept. 7 at 2:00 pm Central Time Zone (CTZ) on Jostens’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

“Winning would be really sweet because we work on the yearbook day and night,” junior Joao Gomes, The Howl staff member, said. “Being recognized for our contribution to the school is great.”

American Heritage Upper, Bentonville High School, Derby North Middle School, Dos Pueblos High School, Green Valley High School, Lee County High School, North Salinas High School and Prospect High School are all finalists, as well.