Juniors receive additional opportunity to take the ACT test Practice exam will take place on Jan. 11

Directing a lab for physics in Mr. Patrick Waddington’s class, juniors Andrada Stanciu and Alyssa Sansone measure the distance they walk during a typical school day. The class walked their schedule to determine the distance between their classes. "Students will be able to use this assignment for the ACT because it incorporates data analysis," Physics teacher Mr. Patrick Waddington said. "It would be a distance versus displacement and it relates to the same measurements but applying them to two different variables." Photo Credit: Izabel de la Torre

In order to prepare for the American College Testing on Feb. 27, juniors will be taking a practice test this Thursday.

“I believe that I am ready to take the ACT because we did a lot of practice tests and essays with reading comprehension,” junior Aubriana Coddington said. “Also, I did well in the practice exams that we did in English so I feel prepared.”

The practice test will last until 11:20, at which time students will be released for lunch. All other grade levels will be on a regular “B Day” schedule.

“I believe that students will be ready for the ACT because the assignments we do on a daily basis relate to the content that will be presented,” English 11 teacher Ms. Laura Penrod said. “We have done some practice tests and timed writings so that students will be prepared to take the test.”

PreACT testing locations will be based on student last name and will be posted around campus prior to testing day.

“As soon as students take the test we will send them to the testing company so that we can get the results as soon as possible,” Assistant Principal Donna Besser said. “When we get the results back we will give it to students so they can check their answers and review for the upcoming exam.”

Both tests on Jan 11. and Feb. 27 will be free for juniors to take. Sophomores who wish to take a practice test have the option to take it in February with the juniors.

“The PreACT coming up is definitely something I am dreading,” junior Brandon Wong said. “But ultimately I know this will be beneficial to my educational career.”

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