Juniors take part in poetry analysis presentation Students given four days to complete the PowerPoint

While writing down her idea, junior Gebrel Gamutan takes part in a class brainstorm about Romanticism. The students had been working on Romanticism and Davis thought it would be a good way to get the students thinking about the topic. "My presentation went very well," Gamutan said. "I was able to answer all the questions correctly and I was able to understand the poem I was reading." Photo Credit: Julia Cox

Juniors in Mr. Robert Davis’ English class were assigned to critically read through a poem and present a powerpoint in order to get a better understanding of Romanticism.  

“I assign presentations like these so I can work on their skill development,” Davis said. “Presentations allow me to cover a lot more content in a short period of time so then we can move onto other topics.”

When conducting the analysis, students needed to find a word, sentence and stanza that stood out in the poem and analyze what their portion of the poem means. Davis wanted the students to find the meaning behind the excerpts rather than just summarizing.

“Before we began to analyze our poem, we had the whole group read the poem individually then we all came together and discussed the poem,” junior Alyssa Ross said. “After we discussed the findings, we then came together and made a presentation based off of our analysis of every paragraph.”

The presentations were also meant to demonstrate students’ understanding of the Fireside Poets, a group of American poets from the 19th century.

“My favorite part about the assignment was learning about how the romantic writers portrayed their story through nature,” junior Elisa Bustamante said. “I am looking forward to reading more poems from romantic writers.”

With this project, students had the opportunity to present in front of a group of people and also learn how a modern reader can relate to these poets and their work.

“One of the things I learned from this presentation was what Romanticism writers mainly focused on,” junior Nicholas Pudar said. “I realized from my poem that the romantics focused on nature and God.”

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