K-Pop Club Makes Changes For New Semester Members adjust to other activities, asides from teaching choreography


With the new semester, the K-pop club has been in discussion about what activities are planned for the rest of the year. Some of these changes include posting more dance covers on their social media and taking song suggestions for future posts. “We want to have an end of the year video performance,” president Sean Tran said, “I think it’ll turn out good since our recent video performance was a success.” Art Credit: Kristin Bernasor

Kristin Bernasor

With the online switch this year and no clear date for when or if school will return in-person, the K-Pop club board has had to make changes to make sure it’s still running smoothly.

Like many other clubs, K-pop club has been conducting practice sessions online with students which involve teaching the members choreography via Google Meet and filming dance covers which are then posted on their YouTube channel, Studio K K-Pop Club. While this has been going on for months, some members admit that they still haven’t gotten used to it.

“I’m not really confident that we’re used to the changes,” member Athena Tayag said. “Since we’ve only done one fully fledged dance cover with the members, we really have only experienced the whole process once. From what I have seen so far, comparing our ‘I Can’t Stop Me’ cover to our ‘Heart Shaker’ cover, we’ve gotten a bit better.” 

Besides learning choreography, members have had to learn the intricacies of filming and editing their performances.

“We have the members submit at least two self-filmed crique videos prior to a performance because things like lag can interfere with our performances,” vice president Samantha Le said. “With virtual dance covers comes a lot of editing, and that means that we lose about one and a half weeks of rehearsal time because of the time it takes to edit a large performance.”

Many of the club members have felt stressed with these changes, especially those who have significant roles. Clarisse Andrada, the social media manager and editor, has had to plan out activities and help those having difficulties.

“As the editor and social media manager, a lot of the virtual responsibilities fall on me,” Andrada said. “My job is definitely harder due to the virtual nature of the club. Social media is practically one of the only ways we can interact with the club, and I’ve been trying my best to post graphics and videos weekly. I do believe that learning how to do these virtual covers can open up more performance opportunities for the club, as we won’t have to wait for future school events anymore. So I am hopeful for the future.”

Even though the board has been planning upcoming activities and events, not all of them have been finalized just yet. 

“So far, we’re teaching the members a couple choreos that we think are great to ease them back into dancing after the break,” Andrada said. “We’re also planning on taking song suggestions from the members for future performances. Now that I’m more experienced with editing dance covers, K-Pop club is planning on posting more dance covers on our YouTube and Instagram accounts. We aren’t really ready to finalize or announce songs yet, but we will definitely be releasing dancing covers on our social media in the near future!”

Are you excited to see what the K-Pop club has planned this semester?