Key Club volunteers at Asian food festival

The first annual Asian Food Festival was held on Oct. 1-2 at The Orleans Casino. The event celebrated various Asian cultures, with food and performances by Erika David, Passion, and Frankie Moreno.

“What I liked about the Asian Fest was how all the Asian cultures came together as one. I got to try new food and learn more about other different ethnic backgrounds,” says Desirei Galgana, sophomore.

SWCTA’s Key Club members volunteered to help with set up, clean up, and running errands for the vendors.

“The Asian Food Festival was a great opportunity for our Key Club; it was very successful and fun. There was a lot of delicious food, and this event was an awesome experience. Hopefully our Key Club will be there every year to help out,” says Key Club Officer Thomas Lee.

Since this was the first Asian Food Festival, the following years will hopefully come with greater entertainment, food, and excitement for everyone to enjoy.