Learning Strategist Promoted to Assistant Principal Moving from West Preparatory School, Arlene Andrade replaces former assistant principal Trish Taylor


Starting last week, new assistant principal Arlene Andrade has been working to get to know the staff and students better. “I’m excited to see the things [students] do here,” Andrade said. “I’m really looking forward to having interactions with the students and also to help them.” Photo Credit: Arlene Andrade

Kristin Bernasor

After the departure of Trish Taylor, new principal of East Tech CTA, new Assistant Principal Arlene Andrade has taken over the office for attendance, student success, and facilities.

Prior to starting her job at Southwest, Adrade had worked at Canarelli Middle School as a 7th grade English teacher and later on moved over to West Preparatory Academy as a learning strategist.

“It’s been great getting to see kids that I’ve already worked with and get to hear their journey here now in high school,” Andrade said. “That’s been one of the best things about coming here. I’ve already gotten so many great messages and emails from parents of kids that I had in the past, or that like I coached from Canarelli that are currently here.”

With former Assistant Principal, Trish Taylor’s promotion, Andrade was interviewed by Principal Donna Levy for the position of assistant principal. Later, she was selected from the pool of candidates. 

“I was overjoyed,” Andrade said. “I knew this was a great opportunity to work with great people and do great things with kids in a community. But of course, with all things that are in the work world, you have to wait. I couldn’t tell anybody, I had to keep it to myself for a couple weeks. ”

Starting a new job brings upon new responsibilities and Andrade has been receiving support from fellow staff members. 

“In my first four days, it’s already been amazing because the support staff’s amazing,” Andrade said. “Everyone here has been very welcoming and very supportive of me and my new position. It’s sad to leave certain things behind, but I’m always excited for the new ways that I’m going to  grow as a person and as an administrator.”

Despite these challenges, her goal is to make sure students feel safe and supported and help them learn from their mistakes and take responsibility for them. 

“I’ve always heard the amazing things that go on here [at Southwest],” Andrade said. “There’s a lot of fun stuff that can come from being at a high school. I’m excited to interact with all the Southwest community. Parents, students, businesses around us. We all play an intricate part in a school, and so I wanna make sure I’m building those partnerships and relationships with everyone.”

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