“The Lego Movie” chosen for today’s Movie Night

As a member of Student Council, senior Karel Saquing sells a ticket for Movie Night to senior Earl Buenaflor. On Sept. 23, administration will open the field for students to watch The Lego Movie. “I’ve never watched a movie outdoors, so this event will offer a new perspective on the movie experience. Thankfully, it’s at night so we’ll get to experience the cool evening air,” Buenaflor said.

In order to fund future activities, gifts and opportunities for Homecoming Spirit Week, Student Council will host Movie Night, inviting students to watch The Lego Movie on the field from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. tonight.

“The money raised at Movie Night will be used to fund a variety of Homecoming Week expenses such as lunch game supplies, prizes for lunch games, thank you gifts for coaches and referees of the flag football game, music and supplies for the halftime show,” Student Council adviser Mrs. Miriya Julian said. “There are numerous expenses we hope to offset by hosting Movie Night.”

To build the budget, students will pay a $5 price of admission. Walk-in payments will also be accepted. Family members of students are welcome, but they must pay the admission fee, as well.

“The April Movie Night was very popular, and we want to continue hosting events that the student body wants to attend,” Julian said. “Council made a goal of 275 attendees, and we hope that we reach that goal.”

Provided with admission, complimentary popcorn and water will be offered. Additionally, various candies will be on sale for a $1, generating supplementary income. To sustain themselves throughout the entire movie, students may bring their own food and drinks.

“Movie Night is a great opportunity for my friends and I to spend time together outside of the school day,” sophomore Kyla Dominguez. “It’s hard for us all to plan to hang out with our busy schedules so having a set movie night is convenient and fun.”

To ensure an optimal spectator experience, students can bring equipment and supplies with them such as blankets or chairs to accommodate for the conditions of the field.

“I personally love the fact that we are doing Movie Night. Last year was a tough year on the students, and after they went to Movie Night, they felt tremendously better,” Class of 2017 Secretary Victoria Truong said. “So many students begged that we would host another Movie Night, and of course we had to deliver. It’s going to be amazing to see how my peers enjoy the social once again.”

Additionally, students must immediately vacate the campus grounds after the movie ends due to school policy.

“Students must leave campus immediately because Student Council has to stay after everyone has left to clean up,” Student Council member Rein Villahermosa said. “If everyone stays late, then it’s harder to put everything away.”