Magnet fair answers questions

SWCTA staff members, Mr. Craig Statucki and Mr. Michael Butler talk to a prospective student about SWCTA. Middle school students had the opportunity to gain a little preview about the various programs.

On Saturday, Jan. 8, SWCTA students and staff members participated in the annual magnet fair held at the Meadows Mall. Many of the magnet schools from around the valley were present to answer any questions they had about the schools.

“Questions varied widely by students and parents, but common questions were about what they will be learning in each program and how it will prepare them for after high school,” explains Mr. Jeffrey Ball, Community Partnerships Coordinator.

Student ambassadors were present to answer any questions the parent’s or future student’s had about particular program areas. Some questions on how to prepare for high school were even asked.

“Kids seemed excited because of all the programs our school offers, how our campus looks, and they really seemed like they all wanted to go to SWCTA, Alot of people were also interested in our upcoming open house ” comments Maham Bhatti, junior.

For more information about SWCTA, complete the online application and/or attend the Magnet Open House on Jan. 12 from 6 pm to 7:30pm.