New interactive display charting birthplaces encourages diversity Board is located in the fashion hallway

To expand cultural awareness in school, Fashion teacher Shannon Sheldon placed a map inside the E buliding for students to pinpoint where they were born.

“I came across this board at the store, and it made me think, ‘What could I do with this?” Sheldon said. “Maybe this board could be something.”

The initial reason for this board was to teach fashion students about the globalization of the industry.

“I thought that it was important for my fashion classes to gain more knowledge about country locations,” Sheldon said. “That’s why I bought the board in the first place, however an idea then sparked to my head. I decided to incorporate all students to be interactive with this board.”

Sheldon hopes to show students that our community is diverse.

“The board was something that caught my attention immediately,” junior Joseph Regalado said. “I take great pride in being Filipino, and I think that this board shows the multiple places that students are from. Seeing all these pinpoints around the world makes me feel content with the different [cultures].”

At the end of Friday, there were 119 pins spread across the canvas.

“I would love to see the board filled with pinpoints in different locations,” Sheldon said. “It shows that we are not all from Las Vegas which is ultimately true. We all were born in different parts of the world, and what’s a better way to display it with this board.”

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