Math boot camp scheduled for End of Course Exam review Study session for end of course exams

Practicing radian measures, sophomore Marissa Lazaro writes down her answers. Math bootcamp is not required for all students to attend. "I don't think that it is necessary to attend the bootcamp," Lazaro said. Photo Credit: Joao Gomes

In order to help current freshman and sophomores pass the End of Course Exams, a math boot camp will be held on May 20 from 8 a.m.-12 p.m. Participants will be divided based on whether they are currently in Algebra I or Geometry.

“This is a last minute study session for EOC exams,” Algebra I teacher Ms. Kristin Landau said. “It is open to freshmen and sophomores who are taking either one of the math exams.”

Students must sign up online in order to attend. An email from Landau will be sent on May 12, which will include information on where the boot camp will be located and the necessary materials.

“As of right now, we did not receive much information from the Nevada Department of Education,” Landau said. “All of the information regarding the scoring and the number of questions are still unknown.”

Before last year, a passing score was not required in order to graduate; however, starting with the Class of 2019, students will be required to earn a passing score. The passing score requirement is also unknown.

“I think that [the boot camp] will help because it has been a while since I have specifically learned about geometry,” sophomore Mia Buranamontri, an Algebra II student, said. “I feel like I have forgotten a lot of useful information so it will refresh my memories for the test.”

Additional EOC practice questions and training videos are available on Landau’s website or students can ask their math teacher for more information.

“Hopefully, this bootcamp will help [students] review material for the test because in reality the week will be hectic with PBL days so this will be beneficial to students,” Landau said.

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