Math students participate in group activity involving 80 equations Final presentations will take place on April 20-21.

Students in Ms. Tawanna Ervin‘s math courses started an activity that focuses on solving exponential and log equations yesterday. The deadline for this assignment is April 20-21 and will require students to present their information orally.

“The goal of the activity is to help them understand how to solve exponential and log equations,” Ervin said. “The students need to understand how to solve them because they will be applying what they learned when they learn how to solve interest formulas.”

In order to participate, students were given approximately 80 equations to categorize as either an exponential or log equation. Participants had the opportunity to choose two equations for each section to solve for their presentation.

“This activity forces us to strip the logarithms down to their basics to get a better understanding of how to solve them,” sophomore Isabella Del Rosario said.

All materials and resources were provided by Ms. Ervin; however, the students were challenged to use the examples on their worksheets to solve their equations.

“I thought I did pretty well on the group activity,” sophomore Samantha Sze said. “I feel like we’re getting a lot of time to do it.”

Students were put into groups of four to complete this project. All information had to be documented on a poster board for the oral presentation.

“I really hope that the students will be able to put the equations into categories after doing this activity,” Ervin said. “The students will have to show their understanding during the presentation.”