Mike Smith to share motivational speech on Feb. 9 Smith will speak during two assemblies on Feb. 9

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To promote positivity and kindness, Student Council has invited motivational speaker, Mike Smith, to share his message on Feb. 9.

“Mike Smith is coming to Southwest because his whole message is ‘What legacy do you want to leave at your school?’,” Student Body Treasurer Angelica Mayor said. “I saw him present his speech back at the conference, and I convinced Mrs. Julian to convince Ms. Levy for him to come here. I feel like we don’t really get the normal things that a normal high school gets like sports, so we wanted to bring something new for the whole student body.”

Skate for Change: Mike Smith at TEDxOmaha

During fourth period, juniors and seniors will go to the assembly while freshmen and sophomores will attend the assembly during sixth period.

“I’m excited for Mike Smith to come because he is a great motivational speaker,” Student Council member Olivia Tan said. “He inspires people all around the country and has proven that kindness will get you to where you need to be.”

In addition to promoting positivity through motivational speeches, Smith sponsors a variety of nonprofit organizations such as Skate For Change, which helps the homeless community and the clothing brand, Dude. be nice. He also partners with Jostens to produce The Harbor TV, creating motivational videos for students every week.

“What I want to accomplish with Mike Smith’s presentation is to have people think about what they want to leave as a legacy once they leave high school,” Mayor said. “Also, I want students to be more involved in school, spread positivity all around and care for people who they don’t normally talk to like people who are sitting alone at lunch or students in the special ed. program.”

In the upcoming weeks, Warm Fuzzies will return to initiate “Random Acts of Kindness Week.”

“I think I’ve witnessed the fastest spread of positivity throughout our school with the help of Warm Fuzzies,” Class of 2016 D.A. Historian Rein Villahermosa said. “One affirmation can significantly improve a relationship, and it gives students a chance to really speak their minds and spread love.”