Morning traffic raises concerns

SWCTA mornings are jam packed with cars in the student drop-off parking lot. Administration, however, developed a new way to fix the problem.

On Jan. 6, students in Coyote Congress voiced their opinions about the morning traffic at Southwest Career and Technical Academy.  Their concerns focused mainly on the amount of time it takes to enter the student parking lot.

“I have seminary that ends at 6:40 a.m., and I can’t waste my time waiting behind the long of cars to get into the school parking lot.  I’ll be late, and I can’t risk that,” exclaims senior Kendall Pitts.

Students address other means to relieve the rush of cars in the morning.

“I wish that [the admin] would open the teacher parking lot.  That way, there might be less traffic,” suggests senior Judy Jauregui.

In order to avoid going inside the parking lot, some students are being dropped off on Shelbourne and expected to cross the street.

“Parents who drop off students anywhere other than the parking lot fail to see that it actually makes the traffic twenty times crazier,” says junior Emerald Tran.

However, the administration did discover a method to alleviate the traffic.

“Part of the reason was the buses leaving and jumping into the traffic between 6:45 and 6:55 a.m.  [From now on], they will no longer do so,” inputs principal Mrs. Felicia Nemcek.

Students are still advised to arrive at school earlier if possible to avoid the rush.