Mrs. Stacy LeFevre accepts dean position at ECTA

After completing an educational administration degree, Learning Strategist Mrs. Stacy LeFevre has accepted a dean’s position at ECTA.

“I finished my degree last September and was put in the dean’s pool shortly there after and have just been looking for the perfect job,” LeFevre said.

Although administration plans to fill LeFevre’s position in the future, they currently have not received news of a replacement from the district.

“My job as Educational Computer Strategist (ECS) ended last year and so I’m not sure if they will replace my job, but if they do it will have to be as a Learning Strategist,”  LeFevre said.

LeFevre has been at SWCTA since 2009 and was notified of her promotion on Dec. 24. She will be permanently joining the ECTA staff on Jan. 6.

“She does so much that goes unnoticed, especially with little things she does for students,” Assistant Principal Trish Taylor said. “Things like resetting Infinite Campus and helping us administrators and teachers with technology issues.”