Ms. Sherrae Nelson promoted to assistant principal at Canarelli Middle School Final day on campus Jan. 10

After two years of working as the dean of students,  Ms. Sherrae Nelson recently accepted the position of assistant principal at Canarelli Middle School.

“I have taken the necessary steps to become an assistant principal and really looked forward to the opportunity to apply for a job,” Nelson said. “I am interested in returning to a middle school, so Canarelli seemed like a great opportunity. This is a promotion that I have worked hard to achieve.”

Nelson’s previous positions include working as a dean at Lawrence Jr. High School and as a learning strategist at Lois & Jerry Tarkanian Middle School.  

“There is nobody more qualified and more ready to get a promotion and become an assistant principal than Ms. Nelson,” Principal Donna Levy said. “She has amazing leadership capacity and should go on and do great things for students in other places.”

Upon hearing about the job opening, Nelson applied and was offered the position on Dec. 30.

“I hope to better educate students and staff at Canarelli about CTE programs and PBLs,” Nelson said. “I’m looking forward to becoming an assistant principal. The challenge of a new position excites me.”

Part of the challenge of this position will be learning her new job responsibilities and duties.

“I’m nervous about being expected to do things that I haven’t had to do in the past,” Nelson said. “But I’m always up for a new challenge and this promotion will definitely be one. I’m excited about meeting new people and learning new things in my role as assistant principal.”

Her last day on campus will be Tuesday, Jan. 10.

“Ms. Nelson leaving to be the assistant principal at Canarelli will be good for the middle school students,” junior Aymen Shafique said. “They will be able to interact with someone who has experienced working at a high school and can give them insight on what to expect when they enter high school themselves.”

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