Neurons explained through handmade models Health Science II sophomores learn more about nervous system

In order to further students’ knowledge on the nervous system, students in Ms. Lori Martinelli’s Health Science II class are creating neuron models.

“Neurons are the basic working units found in the brain, which is very important to the human body,” Martinelli said.

For this project, the students are able to decide how they want to present their neuron model. Although some students are creating visuals with posters, others are creating various online presentations.

“I am letting the students do whatever they choose for their presentation,” Martinelli said. “I believe that giving them the freedom to do whatever they choose will give them a better understanding of the lesson.”

Students will have to include a description of what a neuron is and name other various parts of the neuron in their presentation.

“For our project, we are creating a website,” sophomore Meeaud Mohammed said. “It’ll feature key vocabulary words for the neuron, along with an online model of the neuron.”

The sophomores will have until Monday to finish their projects. Then, they will have to present their projects in a gallery walk where they will vote upon who had the best project. 

“We believe that our project will win because unlike many other students, we created a very artistic board with finely drawn details,” sophomore Remzi Mussa said.

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