New activities planned for the Week of Respect

In honor of Gov. Brian Sandoval proclaiming the first week of October to be the Week of Respect, Student Council (StuCo) organized events from Sept. 30 through Oct. 2 for the school community.

“Sometimes we forget to treat one another kindly, so Week of Respect is a reminder for us to be nice to one another,” Class of 2016 Treasurer Vahina Li said.

The activities planned for the week are listed below:

“I remember participating in the Week of Respect last year and just the feeling of everyone being kind to one another made me feel good about myself and coming to school,” sophomore Rosalia Sedano said.

A new addition to the week’s activities is “Rings of Respect.” Students can write down a positive saying or quote on a strip of paper and StuCo will connect the rings together and hang them around the cafeteria.

“It’s supposed to be a visual representation of how even one act of kindness can make a difference,” Student Body President Rachel Martinez said.

Students can also participate during lunch by taking a picture in front of the step and repeat poster. After taking the picture, students can share it on social media using the hashtag #southwestrespect.

“People should be spreading and showing respect every single day, not just for the week of respect and students can get involved by simply promoting kindness among themselves and others,” Admin Relations Committee Chair Bevlynn Cheng said.

Cheryl Nelson, Counselor of the Equity & Diversity Education Department, interviewed StuCo during the spring of 2015 and created a guidebook for the Week of Respect to be celebrated district wide.

“Cheryl Nelson interviewed our StuCo and looked through our past scrapbooks and used our ideas to create a guidebook for the district and modified them for the younger kids,” StuCo adviser Mrs. Miriya Julian said.

The next StuCo event is Coyote Congress and will be held on Oct. 2 from 2-3 p.m. in the cafeteria.

“Coyote Congress is a moment where students can all be involved and see what is going on with program areas, clubs, and the student body in general. Students should come because they get to see the inside scoop of what events are coming up,” Class of 2018 President Ramsey Gomez said.