New addition to cafeteria menu Salad bar open to all students

Food Services added a salad bar to the cafeteria to meet student demands of healthier lunch options. The salad bar offers different toppings for students to customize their lunch or buy a completely new item. 

“This has been an idea since the beginning of the year but I’m confident it will do great as the year progresses,” Cafeteria Manager Carlos Gomes said. “Depending on the reaction from the students this may become permanent.”

The cost is $3.25, the same as hot lunches, and are no cost to those with free lunch. The fee pays for an empty box that students are able to self-fill with as much lettuce, corn, cheese, croutons or chicken without restriction.

“I appreciate that Food Services is listening to the students and willing to implement things we want,” senior Samrawit Misiker said. “I like having the option of a salad instead of pizza, and the option is actually pretty good.”

This addition is available to all students who want an alternative to the usual food sold in the cafeteria, and can be purchased in a separate line. In the first few days of operation, lines have been shorter than if a student were to buy a hot lunch. 

“I didn’t have high expectations for the salad bar, but the salad was delicious since I was able to customize it to my preference,” junior Darmi Effo said.

Though the salad bar has only been open for a few days, students and teachers alike have been taking advantage of its contents.

“I, along with other faculty members, tried out the salad bar and my thought was that it was really fresh and I hope the students visit it,” Health teacher Jose Gomez said. “I feel like there has not been enough advertisements about it but regardless students should give it a try.”

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