New badminton club begins soon Badminton added to the list of many other clubs

A new badminton club has been created due to the requests by students who wish to play the sport. The club was formed by the Physical Education teachers and is led by Coach Mark Bly.

“The club is a good way to improve somone’s badminton skills,” Bly said. “It is also a great way to learn how to play badminton too.”

Students who want to participate in this club will have to fill out a waiver that will allow the student to play, along with a $5 fee which must be given to the banker. The form can be found in the main office.

“I believe joining the club will be a good way for me to sharpen up on my badminton skills,” sophomore Blake Garcia said. “It will also be a good way for me to make friends in different grade levels.”

Although the club just started, they plan on meeting after school on Tuesdays.

“In the future, we hope to eventually be able to compete with other people,” Bly said. “It just depends upon how good the students are.”

The badminton club is accepting anyone who wants to join, regardless of grade level and experience.

“I can’t wait to play badminton, it will be good to show everyone my skills,” sophomore Isaiah Rogado said.

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