CCSD enforces fundraising policy All clubs must follow procedures

Junior Brittny Mikhaiel buys snacks from the student store at lunch. CCSD has began enforcing banking policy to handwrite all items bought and sold. “This rule makes sense,” Mikhaiel said. “In HOSA, we recently sold lollipops and we had to talk with other clubs on how they successfully organized their fundraisers.” Photo Credit: Althea Gevero

After several banking issues across the district, including the $143,000 embezzlement at Green Valley High School, CCSD is now ensuring enforcement of a policy that requires clubs to have documentation of items bought and sold.

 “CCSD is telling us that we have to do this for auditing purposes through the bank,” Assistant Principal Donna Besser said. “They want to have more information about how much money is coming in and going out.”

This fundraising rule states that clubs who sell concessions must monitor their inventory and sales, which is intended to help eliminate the chances of theft of profit or products. The only current option of monitoring is through a sign-in sheet after each sale.

“Another option we are researching is to use scanners, so we have the point of sale software which is used in stores when you scan something,” Besser said. “We want to see if we can share that with these clubs that are doing this to make it easier for the clubs to fundraise.”

Besser plans on meeting with the club advisers to review fundraising policies and make sure that clubs are following these rules.

HOSA was able to keep track by having members fill out a Google Form to sell lollipops,” HOSA President Rosalia Sedano said. “Once we received the lollipops, [the board] had each student sign their name for their lollipops. It was pretty easy for us to adjust to the rules since HOSA was already in the habit on keeping track of everything.”

English 11 teacher Laura Penrod believes that the biggest issue regarding this policy is keeping track of small items.

“[Tracking small items] will be tedious and time consuming, but I don’t mind keeping track as far as what we sell,” Penrod said. “Yes, it is an inconvenience [for us], but I do understand why [this rule is necessary],” Penrod said.

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