New mentorship program offered Qualified freshmen enrolled at the beginning of year

A new mentorship program has been established for students who have transferred from home schools, private schools and charter schools. The mentors in the program are paired up with students to provide guidance and assistance as they start in a public high school setting. 

“So far we have gotten to know them so we make sure that they can trust us,” student mentor Betsabe Guerrero said. “From there we made sure they knew the importance of having a backup phone or computer etc. We also talked about the importance of not procrastinating and discussed things that you’ll need for high school that other people may not see as important but actually are important.”

Juniors and seniors were hand selected because of their good citizenship report. The freshmen were automatically enrolled once they entered into school.

“Just having someone there that’s always available to answer your questions is nice,” freshman mentee Noelani Sarte-Saad said. “It’s like like an actual counselor but a student instead. It’s cool because sometimes people feel it’s a lot easier to talk to someone who is only a couple years older than you rather than an adult.

Mentors meet with their mentees once every two weeks and cover a variety of topics.

“Every other Monday we meet up with them for about fifteen to twenty minutes to discuss various topics such as good study habits, building confidence, getting involved in school, etc,” student mentor Jayla Hart said. ” Also every other Friday we do little activities like PA/DA shirt making that help the students feel more welcome and involved at the school.”

Activities are planned according to the events happening around the school. For example, t-shirts were made by mentors and given to the mentees for Homecoming Week.

“We try to encourage the kids to get pumped up about the things around the school like ‘hey guys go do flag football’ or like ‘hey guys go attend Coyote Congress’,” student mentor Samantha Ostrovsky said. “You want the students to get involved so during their next three years of high school so they’ll be more involved.”

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