New towel, toilet dispensers installed in restrooms Roll toilet papers replace individual sheets

In an effort to increase cost-effectiveness, new paper towel and toilet paper dispensers were installed in the student restrooms.

“We are basically buying a larger [paper quantity] and the metering system on it has a [lower] cost per sheet, which saves us a lot of money,” Dean James Campbell said.

The decision for this change was made by the CCSD District-Level Operations Management.

“We are lucky we are not a 3,000 student school or else we wouldn’t be able to get this opportunity,” Campbell said. “I know that there are two other high schools that got this change, so we’re lucky to be one of them.”

Restrooms on campus had different changes, from the actual dispenser to the type of toilet paper.

“I didn’t like the single sheets because it was hard to pull sometimes,” senior Courtlynne Cowan said. “I think that the roll is easier and better to use.”

Science rooms on campus are also expected to receive this renovation.

“The school is trying to get the new dispensers into all the science classrooms as it would be helpful for them during labs,” Campbell said. “Hopefully, we will be seeing this [change] in a couple of months.”

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