No school-wide theme for Spring PBL; grades assigned different tasks This will be the last school-wide PBL of the year

While sanitizing his equipment, Dental program leader Dr. Michael Georges removes a tray from the autoclave. Seniors in his Dental Assisting 1 class have been using several tools in order to finish their capstones. "So far about ninety percent of my seniors have finished their capstones, but I'm confident that all of my students will do a great job," Georges said. Photo credit: Vinh Tran

Instead of having a central theme for the Spring PBL like previous years, grade levels will be split up, focusing on different tasks.

“Unlike last year, students have to take more proficiencies (end of course exams) to graduate so we couldn’t make a school-wide PBL and an accompanied theme,” counselor Brian Lindemuth said.

Freshmen will be competing in a STEM Olympics for both days. They will be assigned to groups based on their program area to compete in science and mathematic activities. Based on how well they do in each activity, groups will gain points in order to qualify for a championship round. At the end of the day, all freshmen will have an ice cream party.

“Because Biology and math are key concepts for freshmen, I believe this activity will further benefit the students with their [final] exams,” English teacher Mrs. Samantha Yoder said. “This PBL also focuses on team building and relying on one another to complete the number of competitions. Since they’re freshmen, they’ve yet to get a grip on the importance of building communities in the future and I think this will provide them an opportunity to do so.”

Instead of participating in a PBL, sophomores will be taking their end-of-course exams. Students must bring headphones/earbuds on May 18, a book or magazine on both days and a school ID or driver’s license. Phones or tablets are not to be accessed at any time during the day. 

“I feel like everyone should be able to be involved with the PBL,” sophomore Christina Dang said. “School-wide PBLs allow us to collaborate with not just our grade level, but the whole school.”

Given assigned groups, juniors will tour the UNLV campus and tours will focus on departments based on their program areas. At the end, all students will then attend an admissions panel to ask questions about the opportunities at UNLV.

Culinary Arts and Hospitality: Hotel Administration
Interior Design and Fashion Design: Fine Arts
Nursing, Dental and Respiratory: Health Sciences
Engineering, Web Design, Video Game and Automotive: Engineering

“I’m not sure if UNLV is the right school for me, but taking this trip should hopefully confirm any uneasy feelings toward college, but taking this trip should hopefully give me a better understanding about the university,” Web Design junior Richard Pedzik said.

Seniors will be preparing for Capstone Night. Students who are in the internship program will showcase their experiences from their placement.

“I am looking forward to the internship presentation so that I can show off all that I learned during my time out in the field,” senior Samrawit Misiker said.

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