Nursing seniors begin clinical process by completing mandatory medical tests Failure to pass will result in inability to participate

As she adjusts the cuff on Christynne Bautista, Senior Elisa Bustamante takes Bautista’s blood pressure. Nursing students were practicing for bed making competencies. “It’s required for us to participate in clinicals in order to take our CNA tests,” Bautista said. Photo Credit: Nathan Willey

In order to qualify for clinical rotations, Mrs. Sara Hartwich’s senior Nursing Assisting students must pass mandatory drug tests. Students will have the option of conducting their drug tests with a family doctor or going to the Department of Public Health. In addition, they must also take a tuberculosis test.

“Nursing students who are responsible for patient care should not be under the influence of drugs,” Hartwich said. ” All healthcare personnel who take care of patients abide by the same standards of care.”

Students must acquire their drug tests by early December. Clinical rotations will begin in February and March of the upcoming year.

“Clinicals [are] when we go to a veteran’s homes and we practice all of our competencies that we have practiced in class with actual practice,” senior Christynne Bautista said.

Clinical rotations are when students visit Nevada State Veterans Home, a Long Term Care Facility. Seniors will practice the skills they have practiced in class. This will count as the majority of the students’ third quarter grade.

“The purpose of clinicals is for the students to apply all of the knowledge that they have learned all year long and apply it to real life scenarios and take care of real patients,” Hartwich said.

The drug and TB test is conducted to ensure the health and safety of the war veterans as well as students so that they do not pass on diseases. Students must obtain their tests by the beginning of December; consequences will vary from student to student if they test positive for tuberculosis.

“If I tested positive for TB, I would have to get an x-ray of my chest,” senior Alexis Pereyra. “I might also have to get another type of test to double check that I don’t have TB. If a student tested positive for TB, they wouldn’t be eligible for clinicals.”

By participating in clinicals, students will be prepared to take their Certified Nursing Assistant exams. Seniors will not be able to participate in clinicals if they test positive for TB, a highly contagious disease.

“I’m expecting [clinicals] to go really smoothly because we have a really nice teacher and she always has everything planned out,” senior Hershey Tan. “We’re probably just going to go and practice all the skills we’ve learned.”

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