Nursing students practice assisting patients via wheelchair Preparing them for their end of year tests

To prepare for clinicals in second semester and the Certified Nursing Assistant test at the end of the year, seniors in Nursing are practicing how to use a wheelchair in order to aid patients.

“The students are working on transferring a patient, assisting a patient when they are falling down, how to use a walker, how to use a cane and similar techniques,” Nursing teacher Sarah Hartwich said. “We practice all of these different transfer techniques in order to prepare the students for the medical setting they plan to work in.”

Seniors are required to videotape themselves performing the techniques provided on a checklist by Nevada State Board of NursingThe videos are due Friday, and Hartwhich will evaluate their techniques.

 “When they videotape themselves, they want to look good, so that results in them giving their all, which helps them perform better,” Hartwhich said. 

For the past three weeks, students have been practicing the techniques they received through a packet provided at the beginning of the project. It includes the steps they need to demonstrate in order to successfully complete each technique; missing one detail results in automatic failure.

“On the packet there’s typically one step that’s in bold for each of the 35 techniques , if we miss that one specific step for any activity we are performing than we have to redo it,” senior Kevin Dang said.

During clinicals, which are taking place in Boulder City on several occasions during February, students will apply these wheelchair techniques at veteran homes. In addition, they will be making beds, bathing patients, serving assistance and other similar tasks.

“The wheelchair activity is helping me learn by letting me apply these skills to real people soon, rather than fake patients we use at school,” Dang said.

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