Nursing juniors complete blood, urinalysis activity Students gain further insight into course

Juniors in nursing completed a lab to demonstrate their skills in drawing blood and performing a urinalysis.

“The purpose of this lab was to show students the benefits of what it feels like to be a patient and learn the proper way to draw blood from the phlebotomy arm,” Nursing Program leader Sara Hartwich said.

In order to sample their urine, students used specialized strips to analyze the content of the urine. The strips would change color to determine the levels of hemoglobin and glucose it contained.

“Doing the urinalysis activity was pretty interesting since everyone had different results,” junior Chloe Valdez. “After doing this analysis, the results I got were not what I expected. I definitely needed to drink more water beforehand to avoid dehydration.”

After completing their urinalysis, students then moved on to phlebotomy training. During training, they were able to practice drawing blood from a mannequin’s arm.

“I think that the lab was exciting–and definitely more fun than I expected,” junior Elisa Bustamante. “Drawing blood was a really cool experience since it was everyone’s first time doing it.”

Both portions of the lab required the students to utilize the safety procedures they had learned in previous courses.

“Overall I think that the procedure went better than expected,” Hartwich said. “All students had different results in their urinary samples and I believed it was a good experience for everyone.”

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