Srirachat “Palm” Ganpet was born on Oct. 1, 1998, and passed away on April 1 after attempting to rescue a friend who was struggling in the water near Placer Cove.

A three day funeral service was held from April 2-4 at Bhodhiyana Meditation Center to remember his life. The final funeral service will take place on April 6 at 3 p.m. at Palm Mortuary.

He was a sophomore in the Automotive Technology program and played as a varsity volleyball player at Sierra Vista High School. Ganpet had a three striped tattoo on his right arm with each band signifying “blood, sweat and tears.” His friends remember him as adventurous, tough and humorous. He enjoyed reading in his free time, playing video games and participating in sports.

Junior Nathan Alonzo was one of his best friends and played with him on the same volleyball team.

“The first time I ever met Palm, we were playing basketball after school and whenever he’d drive to the basket, I would receive elbows. This man was a force of nature. Words just can’t describe him,” Alonzo said.

According to his father, the meaning behind Ganpet’s first name is “brave warrior.” His friends and family members agree that he lived up to his name.

“Palm is so loved by everyone. It’s so amazing how one single person can have such a huge impact on everyone else’s lives. I’m glad we’re all remembering him together, we wish he was still here,” junior Kayla Dalope said.

Ganpet will be missed dearly by faculty, friends and family.

“We [the administrative team] are deeply saddened by the loss of our fellow coyote and hope that all kids remember to please be careful with whatever they’re doing,” Principal Donna Levy said.

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