Unregistered vehicles receive warning Green towing stickers placed on windows

After four weeks of announcements and reminders for students to register their cars’ by Friday, Sept. 23. with the school, green warning stickers were placed on the delinquent car windows Tuesday to alert the drivers that they are parking illegally and are “subject to being towed or booted.”

“We have seen a fair amount of students come in because of the bright sticker,” Dean James Campbell said. “It makes it a noticeable event and students take pride in doing the right thing, so they try to get the sticker taken care of as soon as possible.”

Campbell oversees all parking lot matters with the help of the campus monitors. This includes getting car forms to the students, ensuring the students are registered, and the flow of safety in the parking lot.

“We had a problem getting the forms for the students to register, so we actually extended the due dates by another week,” Campbell said.

The administration mandates students register their car to ensure they are driving legally and notify the correct student if an accident occurs, or something as simple as leaving the lights on in the car.

“We’ve tried the nice, communicative approach,” Campbell said. “But after a certain point, we put a green sticker on the car to make it noticeable that you haven’t done the right thing.”

A required parent conference will be implemented if the student does not register their car in the next week after the stickers are placed.

“That means we meet with the parent and the student to discuss why it is important to register your car and get that taken care of,” Campbell said.

If a student has yet to register, they must go to the dean’s office and pick up a registration form. When submitting the form, a student must include a parent or guardian’s signature, the student’s license and up to date registration and insurance. 

“They [students] just need to prove to us that they have a legally registered vehicle,” Campbell said. “It’s that simple, the student reads a list of ten rules and they just follow the rules.”

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