Penny Wars approaches

SWCTA’s annual Penny Wars competition has begun and students are collecting spare change to participate in the school-wide fundraiser.

Break open your piggy banks and rip off your couch cushions, Penny Wars is approaching and the Sophomore Nursing class is looking for a second win.

“I love Penny Wars! It’s a way for the students to be competitive and represent their program areas and their class!” exclaims sophomore Meliah Godwin.

Beginning on Monday, Jan. 30, all eleven-program areas will battle to see who can rack up the most points. Putting pennies and/or dollar bills into their program area’s bucket can retrieve points. Points will be deducted for every silver coin put into a program’s bucket. The amount of points deducted will be based on the value of the coin. For example, a nickel would be a five-point deduction.

Each morning on Rout (e) 131, a wheel will be spun. Depending on where the wheel stops, a bonus will be applied to each coin denomination. If it stops on the numbers 1-3, the point system will stay the same for the day. Numbers four through six mean double positive points, numbers seven through nine mean triple positive points, and numbers ten through twelve will result in double negative points for that day.

This will continue throughout the week. At the end of the week, the top six program areas with the most points will move onto round two and will then be divided into each grade. At the end of the second week, the top three program areas and grade will move onto the final round.

The winning grade and program will receive a personalized “brag” page in the yearbook, as well as a limited edition t-shirt, indicating the students as the winners of the “2011-2012 Penny Wars.”

“Last year, the freshman Nursing kids won, and being apart of it was a lot of fun. The t-shirts were cool and gave us something to show off to the other competitors,” says sophomore Rayden Sisomphou.

For more information on the Penny Wars, you may speak to Mr. Matthew LaPorte in room C220.