Preparing for the real deal

Nursing students make a presentation about the impact of aging related to a specific disease for semester exam


Learning about diseases that can occur with age, students in Nursing are creating presentations to inform classmates on their assigned disease. In order to be certified, students must know the different diseases that can affect the elderly and how they can impact the individual organ systems. “This project has really helped in expanding my knowledge about the cardiovascular system as a whole, the impact of aging, and coronary artery disease,” junior James Sarmiento said. “I was really able to learn about some drugs and medications that can help treat these types of diseases and overall this project has been very informational and has helped me progress in my pursuit of going to medical school.” Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Gurleen Swaich

In order to become a certified nursing assistant, students in Sara Hartwich’s Nursing class are learning about the impact aging can have on the organ systems. 

“The nursing project has helped me go more in-depth of the body systems,” junior Alyana Arciaga said. “For example, it has helped me discover more about muscular dystrophy and how the systems interact with others and in essence, the project has been a great learning experience. It has been difficult balancing it on top of every other class, but I guess that just calls for good time management.”

Students will be making an eight to ten minute presentation as their semester exam grade on a platform of their choice. The presentation must include information about the specific body system that was assigned, the designated disease, the effect it can have on other organs and much more. 

“So far we have finished our presentation slides and now we are practicing so that the presentation runs smoothly,” junior Kylie Chavez said. “I learned countless information about the diseases and about the body systems as well as their impact.” 

This project is due on December 7 and students will start to present in their given order and groups. 

“I like the idea of having a presentation for our semester exam because it’s less stressful than having to review for an actual test,” junior Marivee Cadiz said. “I am also glad that we have partners for the project and I am pretty excited to present because our Google Slides look pretty cool.” 

With the CNA’s job responsibilities mainly pertaining to the care for elderly patients, it is important for students to thoroughly grasp the overall impact aging and specific diseases can have on the different body systems. Through this project students will gain a better understanding of what exactly goes on in the body, which will help them better connect to residents and/or patients. 

“This project is going to help students learn the lesson of all the body systems and the connection they have within each body system. As CNA students, you need to make this connection so that when you take care of a patient at clinicals and notice he has hypertension, you start thinking of what else is going on with him/her that could be causing his B/P to be up,” Nursing teacher Sara Hartwich said. “To have that information, connection, and knowledge will allow you to be better healthcare workers.”

Do you understand the various impacts aging can have on the body?