Program area banners released Teachers display flags in classrooms.

To commemorate the different program areas present at Southwest and garner student pride, program area banners have been placed in their respective classrooms.

“The banners were created to instill a sense of pride, especially at graduation,” Community Partnership Coordinator Craig Statucki said. “They also help to identify classrooms like Respiratory, Nursing, or Dental. Every program has one and they’ve always been the same.”

The banners will continue to be used during graduation. Their current placement in the rooms is purely aesthetic.

“They wanted them out of the store room so they could be displayed for people to see,” Web Design teacher Cindi Chang said. “All this time, they’ve only been used at graduation, so they wanted to bring them out.”

Class medallions, which are given to graduating seniors, share their design with the banners, which are displayed during the graduation ceremony.

“I like the banners; they remind my students that they’re part of something, like a team. They really change the climate of the classroom,” Hospitality and Tourism instructor Catherine Viggato said.