Program representatives apprise community partners of their curriculum

As the representative for Automotive Technologies, senior Skyler Lao delivers his speech, elaborating on his program’s current curriculum and educational pursuits. Community partners visited the school to see how students engaged in industry work. “quote,”

In order to better align program areas with their respective industry standards, the Community Partnership Office organizes a network of business relationships to improve the curriculum. To thank the community partners, administration invited them to a luncheon held on Sept. 30.

“The purpose was to bring the community partners back into the school and have them meet representatives from each program area, who gave a debrief about their program,” Assistant Principal Mrs. Trish Taylor said. “They let them know what our plans and goals are for this year, trying to build those partnership relationships and get support for what we do here.”

Because of Clark County School District’s School-Community Partnership Program, schools can form partnerships with businesses who will supplement and facilitate curricular developments with resources and opportunities. Community Partnership Coordinator Mr. Craig Statucki collaborates with businesses and oversees these school programs and others like student internships.

“The community partners offer internships and suggestions on employability skills for students. From the Community Partnership Office, that information gets out to the program leaders, which are then funneled to students,” Dean Mrs. Sherrae Nelson said. “They’re offering their expertise on their field, and we hope that they will continue to support us in our endeavors.”

In addition to offering internships and job shadowing opportunities, community partners participate as guest speakers, help formulate objectives, assist in organizing fundraisers and provide a network of relationships with other organizations.

“Being able to represent Respiratory Therapy was an honor for me. It was a good way to demonstrate the information that I have and will learn about the program,” senior Nino Nobleza said. “I discussed the aspects of the program that will come to fruition this year, like [senior] capstone and internship.”

To determine each student representative, program leaders selected a senior from their program to share about their education to the community partners.

“Community partners benefit our school they make sure our curriculum is up to date and caught up with industry standards, especially since we are a CTE,” Web Design program leader Ms. Cindi Chang said. “We don’t want to teach outdated material so they are vital to our school.”