Project based on popular television show Shark Tank Students pitch their invention from the Industrial Revolution

To have a better understanding of the impact of inventions from the Industrial Revolution, students in Mr. Pate Thomas’ U.S. History class presented an invention from the era in order to persuade their classmates to invest in the product. The PBL is based on the television show Shark Tank and, like the show, students will have a limited time to pitch their idea.

“I think this is very interesting because it allowed many of us to get creative with how we wanted to communicate our ideas with the rest of the class, while giving us the chance to learn more about a certain invention that we may have not known much about before,” junior Aymen Shafique said.

Two groups were assigned the same invention and had to sell the product better than the competitor while using a visual aide to guide the presentation. The students’ presentations had to catch the attention of their peers in order to get their classmates to invest in their product and not their competitor’s.

“My group researched and created a presentation for the cotton gin and I feel like I learned a lot about our invention by coming up with a persuasive presentation,” junior Alyssa Breci said. 

Presentations began today and will continue into Friday, Dec. 2.

“This project is fun because you get to know the importance of the Industrial Revolution and how the invention got the modern world to where it is now,” junior Wenwei Haung said.

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