Prom spirit week condensed into three days Online voting for prom court now open

Prom will be held from 7-10 p.m. at The Veil Pavilion on May 13, 2017. Only juniors and seniors will be allowed to attend the event. Photo Credit: Student Council

Instead of having a full week of “spirit days,” Student Council has chosen to shorten it to three days because only juniors and seniors will be participating instead of the whole student body. The “spirit days” on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will consist of Red and Gold Day, Disney Day and Pajama Day.

“Prom is one of those social experiences that cannot be duplicated,” StuCo adviser Miriya Julian said. “There is just something about prom that is different from anything that a student may experience in their lifetime.”

Voting for prom court will be available online until the end of the week. This year’s prom court nominations are as follows:

Junior Prince
Cristian Elorza
Touhid Miah
Keane Pimentel

Junior Princess
Samantha Fernandez
Alexis Pereya
Lauren Petrosky

Senior King
Michael Spencer
Alex Madani
Austin Tang

Senior Queen
Mindy Bi
Jayda Medeiros
Rianne Lu

“I never thought for a moment to run [for prom princess]; it never crossed my mind,” junior Alexis Pereyra said. “My friends actually got together in secrecy and convinced a lot of people to nominate me. When my name came on the announcements, I was immediately filled with excitement and joy and confusion. Then my friend Tehreem explained how she convinced people to nominate me.”

Although school dress code is not required during school dances, prom is still a school-sponsored event; therefore, the following guidelines must be followed: no bare midriffs, dress/skirt/skort/romper length cannot be more than six inches above the knee, nothing overly revealing, no jeans and appropriate shoes are encouraged.

“Last year, I bought a red dress for a pageant I was entered in, but I ended up not using it because I was given something else to wear,” junior Mary Intal said. “At prom, I’m finally going to be able to wear it and match with my date.”

Desserts and refreshments like flavored water and sodas will be provided by StuCo at the dance. Prices will increase to $70 at the door; StuCo’s goal is to sell 400 tickets.

“For prom, my friend Eileen is coming all the way from Utah to go with me,” junior Trina Lehner said. “I haven’t seen her in over a year, and I am looking forward to spending time with her and dancing on the dance floor.”

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