Promise scholarship offered to all seniors Scholarship will cover the remainder of students' education fees

Looking for scholarships is hard enough, but senior Cameron Hernandez was determined to find them. Using his laptop in Mrs. Smith’s room, he was able to fill out three logs of five scholarships each so far. “I was looking for scholarships that applied to the medical field and anything else I could qualify for,” says Hernandez. Photo Credit: Isabelle Del Rosario

To aid students with their financial needs, the Nevada Promise Scholarship has been implemented for the Class of 2018 in Nevada.

“It’s referred to as a less-dollar scholarship because it will cover the costs of fees that are not met by any other aid,” Vice Principal Trish Taylor said. “So, for example, the Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational [Opportunity] Grant, Millennium Scholarship and Silver State Opportunity Grant. So, it will pick up whatever’s left of your costs after that if you qualify for the FAFSA.”

In order to qualify for the Nevada Promise Scholarship, students must have received a General Equivalency Diploma or graduated in the year of 2018 from a Nevada-based high school, be attending a college in the state of Nevada and students must also be a Nevada resident.

“[Being a Nevada resident] doesn’t mean you have to be a U.S. citizen. You just have to prove address in Nevada,” Taylor said.

Students who apply must be under the age of twenty years old. The scholarship will cover up to three years of tuition.

“I am planning on applying for the scholarship, but the last time I tried to (during a CSN college presentation) there was a problem with my computer so I never got around to it,” senior Alexis Pereyra said. “If I do get the scholarship, I definitely think it’ll be helpful, and for anyone else who gets the scholarship. College is expensive, and there is the stereotype of being a broke college student and I think this scholarship will help avoid that.”

Schools that qualify for the Nevada Promise Scholarship include: College of Southern Nevada, Truckee Meadows Community College, Great Basin Community College, and Western Nevada College.

“It’s seriously a very easy application,” Taylor said. “[Getting the scholarship] could mean that you have absolutely free tuition at CSN or any other community college in the state.”

Because this scholarship is financial needs based, students need to qualify for another financial needs based scholarship to be considered for the Nevada Promise Scholarship.

“Everybody fills out the FAFSA at any income level,” Taylor said. “So, some scholarships are merit based. These are particularly financial need based. So, if you don’t qualify for Pell Grant, you may not qualify for [the Promise Scholarship].”

This scholarship is currently only funded for the Class of 2018. 

“This is the first time that we’ve had access to [the Promise Scholarship],” Taylor said. “It’s funded for one year. At the next legislative session, they’ll vote on it and see if they’ll fund it again. It’s free money. Regardless of whether or not you think you’re eligible, fill it out because, if you are, then [the money is] there.”

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