PSAT scheduled for tomorrow Room assignments posted on cafeteria windows

PSAT (Preliminary SAT) testing is scheduled to take place Wednesday for freshmen, sophomores and juniors.

“I go home everyday and look over the practice PSAT test that was handed out several weeks ago,” junior Simon d’Elia said. “PSAT’s are extremely important to me so I need to make sure that I am as prepared as I can possibly be.”

Freshmen will be taking a practice PSAT while the sophomores and juniors will be taking the official PSAT.

“I would tell my peers to study, get a lot of rest, and eat to prepare for the PSAT,” freshman Kirsten Deperio said.

Students who score well on the PSAT will have the opportunity to become a national merit scholar. The National Merit Scholarship Program is a competition that a student enters based on the answers to certain questions while taking the PSAT. Students have the opportunity to win scholarships for college, including the National Merit $2,500 Scholarship.

“Knowing that the PSAT is for scholarship money I am going to study a lot harder in the future because I want to be able to get that money and now I know it’s more than just a test,” freshman Caitlan o’Berry said.

Seniors will be attending Senior Seminar. Throughout the day, students will hear presentations from different colleges about college-related topics, such as how to apply for financial aid.

“This year we have 13 different presentations and they come from a variety of different colleges, to be fair a lot of them come from UNLV, so UNLV is going to send people from specific departments to talk to students, while other colleges may only send one person to talk about their college in general,” counselor Brian Lindemuth said.

The adjusted bell schedule for tomorrow’s classes:

7:00-11:00 Grade 9-11 PSAT exam/Grade 12 Senior Seminar

11:05-11:45 One lunch

11:50-12:10 Period 2

12:15-12:35 Period 4

12:40-1:00 Period 6

1:05-1:25 Period 8

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