Seventh graders visit for Winter PBL Visitors will explore different career options

Seventh-graders will be visiting campus at the beginning of December to tour various program areas. Each program area is responsible for preparing hands-on activities for the middle schoolers as part of their Winter PBL. 

“Seventh-graders will be visiting our school, and students in my class in tenth, eleventh and twelfth grade will participate in the presentations,” Dental Assisting program leader Dr. Michael Georges said. “My students will demonstrate the importance of the proper use of dental instruments and have the visitors practice on themselves.”

For example, dental students will have demonstrations on how to use standard equipment one would find in a dental office, such as checking a patient’s teeth with a mirror. Nursing students will also be preparing activities, including phlebotomy and wound care.

“When you’re a teenager it’s a prime time to expose yourself to opportunities because we’re always unsure of what we want,” junior Isabelle Del Rosario said. “They’re able to see a wide range of career options and are guided towards where they want to go.”

The Winter PBL will last two days with three to four middle schools visiting each day.

“My first thought of Southwest was that the campus was large and full of exciting programs,” senior Amie Martinez said. “I think the middle schoolers will enjoy their visit as I did.”

The visitors will choose the first program area they would like to visit and the next two will be part of a pre-determined rotation.

“This is a fun and interactive way for the seventh-graders to experience the dental field,” junior Matthew Le said. “Hopefully they enjoy this opportunity and attend SWCTA in the future.”

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