Recycling one focus during Key Club week

Key Club week consisted of three days, where members recycled, gave free hugs, and showed club spirit.
Photo Credit: Southwest Shadow Staff

From Nov. 7 to Nov. 9, SWCTA’s Key Club celebrated their annual Key Club Week. This week consisted of three days strictly dedicated to their organization and mission.

The first day was “Key Club Recycling Day,” where members recycled as much as they could and recruited their friends to recycle as well.

“I really enjoyed Key Club Week. On the first day, I helped save the planet by recycling and my friends and I also told others too, helping me meet other fellow key club members,” comments Tiffany Ma, freshman.

While some members enjoyed the first day, most of them favored the second, “Free Hugs Day.” While holding a “free hug sign,” Key Club members offered hugs to other members.

“I had fun by walking around with a hug sign meeting new people. I felt the love from other key club members and got to meet more,” says Mya Constantino, freshman.

The third and final day of Key Club Week was “Show Your K in Every Way.” From sweatshirts to lanyards, members represented the club by wearing their favorite club gear.

“On the last day of Key Club Week, I showed my key club spirit by wearing my key club lanyard, bracelet, and RTC shirt,” explains Heunji Chung, freshman.

After the week ended, all the club members here at SWCTA are ready for Fall Rally coming up on Nov. 19. They are ready to show their spirit, and represent District 28 West.