Repercussions to ensue for students that jaywalk and park off campus

Because students jaywalk across Rainbow to get to school, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department will fine violators of traffic rules.

According to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, students are jaywalking on S. Rainbow Blvd., neglecting the crosswalks parallel to W. Windmill Ln.

“Some police employees watched a group of kids almost get hit by some cars about three weeks ago,” Crime Prevention Specialist Bella Yourgules-Scholes said. “We do not want to have to notify any of your parents that you were involved in a preventable accident that has cost you your life and will devastate your family.”

Although administration does not have authority on Rainbow, LVMPD will enforce their penalties on traffic violations, fining students up to a maximum of $695.

“My biggest fear is that some other vehicle will not be alert and go around the stopped car, endangering some of my students,” Dean James Campbell said.

Since there is no sidewalk bordering the undeveloped land, the city and/or county cannot warrant a crosswalk that extends directly from W. Shelbourne Ave.

We can tell our students that they’re not supposed to jaywalk, but we can’t make them walk to a specific place,” Assistant Principal Trish Taylor said. “Our goal is to maintain safety for students, and even though we don’t have jurisdiction on Rainbow or Shelbourne, we want students to be safe.”

Moreover, students who park their cars in business parking lots are at risk for having their cars towed.

“They’re either parking in the business parking lots or walking from the neighborhood and not going to the crosswalk on Windmill or Wigwam,” Taylor said. “We’ve had students park in other businesses in the past to avoid the traffic and parking here.”

Because students are not parking on school property, administration does not have jurisdiction over violations off campus. Therefore, businesses reserve the right to handle the situation how they see fit, especially if they decide to tow cars that do not comply with their rules.

“Each business either owns or leases the property they conduct business from. Therefore, they control that property instead of the school,” Campbell said. “They have the right to limit who parks on their property and the penalty for enforcing their parking policy.”