Sadie Hawkin’s dance goes 80s

Mimi Xu, junior, asks Sean Nielander, senior, to SWCTA’s Sadie Hawkins Dance. Sadie Hawkins Dance is a time for the girl’s to take a walk in the boys shoes for once.

The 2012 Sadie Hawkins dance will be held on Feb. 4 in the SWCTA cafeteria from 7:00 p.m – 10:00 p.m. This year’s theme is “Sadie’s Gone 80’s” and will incorporate neon colors and black lights during the dance.

“This Sadie’s is going to be the best ever! The theme is great, the stuff they have already planned sounds awesome, and I can’t wait to participate,” Makinzey Marracco, junior, said.

Students are encouraged to dress according to the dance’s theme.  Dates should also be what is called ‘matchy-matchy.’ As part of this year’s event, all attendees will be able to take a photo with their date in a photo booth. Additionally only 400 tickets will be sold. Tickets went on-sale Wednesday and will continue to be sold during both lunches.

The week of Sadie’s will include different spirit days during the week. Monday was decided by popular vote on the Southwest Shadow website. The theme for the day will be “Dresses vs. Suits.”

“I dress up for all the Battle of the Sexes spirit days, and the days that have already been planned seem so unique. I am already planning what I am going to wear,” Madison Jackson, junior, said.

The Battle of the Sexes competition will precede the dance.

“I am ready for the after school games.  All the upper classmen talk about how much fun it was last year, and I know the girls are going to win this year,” Sarah Ghebremicael, freshman, said.

Keep reading the Southwest Shadow website for updated photos of the lunchtime competitions and spirit days.