Inspiration from Dante’s ‘Inferno’ propels sophomore project Moore's students are creating a hell based off of school experiences

In Michael Moore’s English class, students are using Dante’s “Inferno” and school experiences as inspirations to create their own version of Hell.

“I came up with the idea about five years ago, and it was sort of me taking an old project from a colleague and just adding things to it,” Moore said.

Students’ creations must include the nine circles that are mentioned within the story, using the circles as a guideline for their own levels which will relate to different aspects of school.

“I think that this will give us a good chance to see how many of the various subjects in the story compare to the real world today,” sophomore Marcfred Garrido said.

Unlike the hell in the Inferno, students’ designs will feature various subjects related to school, such as teachers and what students do on a daily basis or have done in the past.

“The project is a good idea for this class because many of the students cannot see how stories could possibly relate to the real world,” sophomore Tamarah Johnson said.

Although the overall goal of the project is to create a hell, Moore wants to ensure all students enjoy working on it. 

I believe and hope students are having a lot of fun doing it,” Moore said. “I have had a couple of students, for religious belief purposes, say, ‘Hey we’d rather not participate, can we do something else,’ and I’m always quick to accommodate–but otherwise the overall response has been positive.

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